“About Caravaggio” Visioni & Illusioni Contemporanee
David LaChapelle

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Dec 2, 2012 - Apr 17, 2013

“About Caravaggio” Visioni & Illusioni Contemporanee

David LaChapelle

As part of celebrations marking the fourth anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, this Institute aims at raising awareness on the aspect of "reception" of the artist in the imagination of the general public during the twentieth century, through the message contemporary visual art and also provided by the medium of film.

The "myth" of Caravaggio is related to its troubled biography as well as the perception of the revolutionary section of his work lies in the collective listening.

Not by chance are also many contemporary artists who have developed reflections on the paintings of Caravaggio. Some work with the video by Bill Viola Sam Taylor Wood, the Russian collective AES + F to Matthew Basilè. Others have explored the paintings of Caravaggio as a source of inspiration and a true model for contemporary art. A testimony to offer photographs of Mat Collishaw, Matthew Sanna, Paolo Sartor Mussat, Gregory Crewdson, David La Chapelle, Dino Perdriali, the paintings of Gregory Sciltian, Guttuso, Luciano Ventrone and the Chinese artist Zhang Wei Guang, and the Performance-disguises of Louis Alders, Vanessa Beecroft and Cindy Sherman.

For Italy, it also includes the screening of films, short films and documentaries on the figure of Caravaggio. The film medium has forwarded it to the general public the innovative painting by Caravaggio. As an example we mention, in the context of film production, Caravaggio (1986) by Derek Jarman, who still remains a point of reference for permanently enshrined in the myth of the cursed painter: the artist's vision offered to us by Jarman has also affected the world of scholars, provoking moments to review the critical areas of science.

An educational section, designed for schools but of course open to the general public, will investigate the historical and artistic aspects of the works of Caravaggio at the base of the inspiration of contemporary artists in the exhibition.

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