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Jun 28 - Jul 29, 2016

David Nolan Gallery


drawing ROOM
An exhibition curated by Markus Dochantschi

Tuesday, June 28 – Friday, July 29, 2016
Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 28 from 6-8pm

David LaChapelle's "Land Scape: Luna Park" 2013, will be on display at David Nolan Gallery in drawing ROOM, an exhibition curated by Markus Dochantschi, founder of studioMDA and the architect of the gallery. On view from June 28 through July 29, the show brings together a wide array of artists dealing with complex notions of space, challenging our sensation of the world around us.

According to the curator: “My very first introduction to architecture, other than walking through space, was behind the lens of my father’s 1963 Exacta 35mm Camera. My fascination to capture space, memorialize, and flatten it into two-dimensional media, became an obsession in my teenage years. This very obsession turned into my passion for art and architecture: a constant exchange and dialogue between two-dimensional architectural drawings, perspectives, and three-dimensional computer animations. The selected 21 artists have fundamentally influenced architects and architecture, and will continue to do so for many generations to come.”