La Venaria Reale
Acts of God

Turin, Italy

Jun 14, 2019 - Jan 6, 2020

La Venaria Reale

Acts of God

The exhibition is a great monograph by David LaChapelle, one of the world’s most famous contemporary photographers and directors.

His subjects are celebrities (Michael and Janet Jackson, Hillary Clinton and Muhammad Ali, Jeff Koons and Madonna, Uma Thurman and David Bowie, just to cite a few) presented along with the shots of the artist’s most recent quest that led him to develop a more private and philosophical dimension, absolute values.

Religion, sensuality and sexuality, passage of time, respect for nature: everything unfolds in a dreamlike manner, in a language that embodies the American photographer, but which always comes to terms with the real dimension because, contrary to appearances, all that is depicted in these images is the result of a real reconstruction that has nothing to share with its digital counterparts.

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