Lever House

Lever House


"The artist has returned to techniques he employed when, at the start of his career — long before he became the go-to video director for pop music divas like Christina Aguilera — he used naïve, childlike forms like linked paper chains to make his work.

There, in a space that — during the eight years since the real-estate magnate Aby Rosen created the Lever House Art Collection to add cultural luster to his holdings — has been given over to artists like Barbara Kruger and Damien Hirst, Mr. LaChapelle has slung the chains from walls and ceiling in looping festoons.

The stapled links that at first glance look like decorations for a kiddie party on closer inspection reveal images of naked bodies, an allegory for human connection, Mr. LaChapelle said. More naked forms appear in two large circular configurations meant to replicate the stained-glass windows of medieval cathedrals. Titled “Adam and Eve Swimming Under a Microscope,” those pieces evoke cell division or, more ominously, viral replication, and bring to mind the work of creators as unalike as the Indian artist Bharti Kher or the British duo Gilbert & George."

-Guy Trebay, The New York Times

The Lever House Exhibition is through Sept. 2. Located at Lever House, 390 Park Avenue, lobby, Midtown.


New York, NY, June 28, 2011 – Facility of Movement is a site-specific, performance-based installation presented as part of David LaChapelle’s exhibition, From Darkness to Light, which is currently on view at the Lever House. Directed by John Byrne and created in collaboration with the performers, Facility of Movement explores the intersection of spiritual and secular worlds and is inspired by LaChapelle’s installation. Performed as an evolving structured improvisation, themes of immortality collide with pedestrian traffic and forms.

Facility of Movement runs June 29 to August 24 (every Wednesday from 12-1pm, rain or shine). Admission is free. No reservations required. The Lever House Courtyard is located at 390 Park Avenue (at 53rd Street), adjacent to the main gallery space.